Our lawyers company provide companies, regardless of their size or activity profile, with assistance in solving problems related to the acquisition and / or  the ownership right to exercise or use  buildings by making the following legal services:

  • Consulting on the acquisition and alienation of property;
  • Inspection of property titles (including the history of ownership);
  • Checking the technical and legal regime of the property by submitting addresses to the competent public authorities in Bucharest and in the country;
  • Checking the tax system of the building at the Department of Local Taxes ascribed to it;
  • effectuation by our law office all the formalities related to the land register, the existence / non-existence of tasks that encumbers the property;

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  • Drafting, negotiating, reviewing and advising on pre-contracts and contracts of sale,contracts of leases, rental agreement , mortgages contracts ,and so on, that are in relation with the property;
  • Representing and assisting clients by our lawyers company before Notary Public in Bucharest and neighboring counties regarding the authentication and the conclusion of the contracts;
  • Redactation of legal opinions, reports and memoranda concerning the legal status of the building.
  • Legal assistance regarding tabulations, rectifications and notations in the land lRegistry;
  • Legal advice regarding the dismemberments of ownership (use, usufruct, habitation, servitude, superficies), the output of the tenancy, partition, inheritance, and so on.