Along with all other legal services provided by our company advocates for the benefit of its customers, be it civil or commercial litigation disputes, our law office can provide advice, including legal representation and assistance regarding any matter that  will likely attract criminal liability of individuals, manager of a legal person, as a result of his business leadership in an unlawful or contrary to the law in commercial and tax.

In this regard, lawyers specializing in criminal law affairs within our law office in Bucharest will protect professionals from the economic activity who have committed, are ignorant that they are about to commit it or are suspected of having committed grouped offenses qualifying criminal common law (fraud, embezzlement, theft, etc.), economic criminal law or financial and tax law.

Therefore, because sometimes the desire to achieve spectacular economic results, the intentions, plans or projects of a company come to be in  contradiction with  the criminal law in commercial matters, we believe, as law firm specializing in such matters, that the best solution is, to prevent such situations before reaching adverse consequences for the achievement of its treatment. Consequently, any commercial endeavor, fiscal action, way of working or internal process of our customers is carefully monitored so that their activity can permanently keep within the law governing the various actions from professional traders.

Justice is truth in action

Specifically, our company of lawyers offers to its customers consultancy, representation and legal assistance in criminal investigation at prosecution stage and at trial, for the victim and as well for the suspected person,regarding  economic crimes committed or related , such as:

  • Financial Crimes – accounting (tax evasion);
  • Cheating in conventions or no coverage on the issue of payment instruments;
  • Simple bankruptcy, bankruptcy involving fraud or other crimes related to the insolvency of a company;
  • Money laundering;
  • forgery and use of forgery;
  • Crime on capital market;
  • Bank or insurance fraud;
  • Offences related to illegal access of European funds;
  • Corruption and related offenses, that are in relation to persons employed in the public sector;
  • Offences relating to public procurement regime;
  • Offences relatated to non-compliance or the violation of labor laws;
  • Offences relatated to non-compliance or the violation of environmental legislation;
  • Offences related to compliance with the competition regime or intellectual property rights;
  • Offences concerning failure customs regime for goods and services;
  • Fraudulent transactions offshore;
  • Economic crimes provided by special laws.

However, in the preparation and implementation of all legal activities described above, our company of lawyers:

  • Analyzes and evaluates the situations, transactions and documents under discussion with the client in order to prevent him committing criminal offenses or to remove, or reduce the consequences of the criminal acts he already committed;
  • Centralize and summarize documents and information which may constitute elements in favor of the client;
  • Prepareing the documents necessary for the customer defense in the prosecution phase;
  • Represents and legal assists the client in front of the prosecuting authorities and at the courts in Bucharest or neighboring counties.