Regarding the domain of competition law, namely the assembly of acts and legal rules which legislate the general and specific conditions in which economic activity can take place in relation to anti-competitive practices, anti-trust, unfair competition, monopoly, authorization merger , State aid regime, and so on, our company of lawyers is offering the most complete range of services associated with this branch of commercial law, such as, by way of example, but not limited to:

  • Consulting in connection with Romanian and EU legislation on competition;
  • Analysis of customer’s business activities and specific operations performed by it in the light of the applicable competition rules, the need for notification or obtaining approval from the competition authority;
  • Advice and legal assistance offered by our law office in identifying potential anti-competitive effect of clauses inserted among the different types of contracts used by the client;
  • Customer Support for projects that aim for obtaining state aid;
  • Representation and legal assistance by our society of lawyers in front of state institutions involved in regulating, supervising and sanctioning competitive practices (Competition Council, the Competition Office, and so on);
  • Drafting legal opinions and consultancy report on the practices and behavior of economic agents in terms of enforcement of competition;
  • Monitoring the evolution of competition law and the specific market;
  • Support on the referral Competition Council regarding the identification of merger activity in the client’s activity area;
  • Representation and assistance in carrying out various investigative procedures and unannounced inspections initiated by the Competition Council concerning abuse of dominance, concerted practices or other aspects of unfair competition;
  • Representation and assistance for the customer by our society of lawyers before courts in Bucharest and neighboring counties, competent to settle litigation challenging regarding the decisions issued by the Competition Council, with a view to their cancellation or reduction of fines or administrative penalties ordered by them.

The difference stimulates competition

The experience of our law office in competition is revealed at the same time through the professional relationships undertaken in relation with  the Competition, the Competition Office or other central authorities based in Bucharest. In this regard, dedicated assistance and advice offered by our company of lawyers to their customers to achieve their business objectives were and always will be conducted in compliance with the national laws on competition and specific regulations of the European Union.

In this way, customers who are facing problems of competition law related to merger or acquisition, signing various trade agreements and those relating to abuse of dominant market position, our layers society will offer optimal solutions and effective economic strategies, informing them all the time about changes in legislation and its practical application, and on the new requirements and initiatives of the authorities competent in the field, which will have significant impact on their business.