The fees charged by our law office to achieve legal activities required by the customer can take two distinct forms, namely:

  • A concrete one, punctual, performing each task appropriate to legal basis;
  • A general one equated to a monthly subscription under which our lawyers society will accomplish legal services constantly, continuously, within certain limits and activities volume (see “Subscriptions”)

The fee shall be set free between our law office and client. It will be agreed and set out as such in the contract for legal assistance at the time of signature.

Fees will be assessed regarding the difficulty, the extent or anticipated duration of the legal case. Setting these will depend on each of the following elements:

  • The time and workload required to execute the mandate received or activity requested by the client;
  • The nature, the complexity and difficulty of the case entrusted to be solved by our law office;
  • The need for cooperation with other specialists (bailiffs, notaries, legal experts, translators, and so on) required by the nature, scope, complexity or difficulty of the legal case;
  • The advantages and the results for the customer’s profit as a result of the benefit achieved by the lawyer.

The form of  fees that the customer is charged by our law office will  be agreed when the contract for legal assistance will be signed, as follows:

  • Hourly fees, the amount of which will be determined by the work time required for the legal activities required by the customer and will be charged after the completion of the actual legal benefits;
  • Fixed fees (standard), set for a complete legal activity required by the customer (regardless of workload and resources to be allocated later on this), and they will be charged when signing the contract for legal assistance;
  • Success fees are charged after the settlement solution is favorable to the client, made possible by our law office regarding the legal case that was entrusted by the client;
  • Fees consist of a combination of the above criteria.