Irrespective of its conclusion form (verbal, written, authenticated by the notary, etc.), a money loan between two natural persons many times may represent the source of litigations which, in most cases, get to be solved before a court and, subsequently, by means of a judicial enforcer.

Our law office provides its clients services specialized in both legal advice and assistance regarding the terms and conditions for signing a loan agreement, thus ensuring an optimal protection of the rights of the client involved in such an agreement, as well as subsequently, during the litigation, in case the performance of such a loan agreement has this end.

It is recommended that, before signing any money loan, both as a creditor (the one grating the loan), and as a debtor (the one receiving the loan), any natural person to appeal to the services of a lawyer, both in order to prevent in this way the possible unhappy situations which may derive from assuming unfavorable provisions, sometimes even abusive from the agreement or from the misunderstanding or wrong interpretation of the provisions of the respective agreement.

The services provided by our lawyers as regards the above mentioned will include:

  • Advice with regard to the contractual provisions of a preexisting contract, which is to be signed by the client, irrespective of his/her quality (creditor or debtor in the agreement);
  • Drawing up the loan agreement, so that its provisions optimally protect the client’s interests, thus not exposing him/her to the risksassumed by the non-observance of the contractual provisions by the other signatory;
  • Legal assistance and representation of the client before the other signatory during the negotiation process of the provisions of the loan agreement;
  • Legal representation and assistance in the recovery process of the amounts owed by the other party based on the loan agreement signed by him/her and the other party, both during the amicable stage and the legal one of this process;
  • Legal representation and assistance of the client before the judicial enforcers within the execution procedure of the executory title obtained against his/her debtor;
  • Drawing up legal opinions regarding the client’s legal situation in his/her quality as party of a loan agreement;