Our law office work began in May 2009, when, as an Individual lawyer organization, Mr. lawyer Cristian Alexandru Murar brought together under the same name the efforts and experience of several associates in Bucharest, each specialized in different areas of Commercial and Civil Law.

Subsequently, in March 2011, under a association procedure, Individual lawyer Alexandru Cristian Murar transformed into Murar Law Attorneys & Associates, a professional form of organization designed to do a better management regarding the continuous evolution of legal activity, both on relations with customers in Bucharest and in the country.

The vast experience of our lawyers in extensive legal areas such as public procurement, corporate law and labor law, commercial debt recovery and fiscal insolvency and creditor rights, competition law and intellectual property law, administrative litigation and tax law, contracts, etc., gives our law company a highly professional status, expressed by the excellent results obtained and transposed into good relations we have with our customers.

This is the way we work

As a law firm, we ensure that we are always responsive to the needs and objectives of our customers and also the commitment towards them will be respected everytime, when terms and limitations are imposed by the client.

The seriousness of the law firm Murar and Associates will make the answer to any unpredictable problem, a prompt and suitable one, depending on the circumstances. The professional approach to these situations eliminates errors, confusions and ambiguities, provides customer safety, contributes to the celerity solution of legal cases and finally, our law firm ensures getting the best legal results in favor of the client.