The protection of intellectual property rights has become an essential for any business in the current economic context that is increasingly competitive. Owning intellectual property rights can be a key component designed to accurately reflect the value of a company, and when they are properly protected, these rights can generate significant financial profits, a strong position in the development of an economic sector or a wide open window of opportunity.

Your ideeas, your right to own them

Therefore, our lawyers company understand the value of each of the ideas of its customers, offering them assistance in this regard at the highest professional level in the acquisition and protection of all forms of intellectual property, by giving legal services such as:

  • Giving consultations on any general matters related to intellectual property (inventions / patents, trademarks, industrial designs, know-how, symbols, names, images, designs, literary and artistic works, websites, and so on, – used or not in commercial activities)
  • All efforts to the institutions of the state profile based in Bucharest (OSIM, ORDA, etc.), the registration, compliance and licensing intellectual property rights;
  • Advice on the interpretation and application of legal provisions on intellectual property;
  • Consulting, in terms of intellectual property in relation to: IT, telecommunications, internet, e-commerce, databases, computer programs (software), digital signatures, broadcast, media and data protection, and so on;
  • Legal Advice offered by our law office to ensure compliance for creations of advertising (commercials, advertisements, promotional materials, TV spots and radio, websites, etc.) with Romanian legislation and European standards applicable;
  • Drafting and review of license agreements / transfer of license, franchise, etc .;
  • Representation and assistance by our society of lawyers in the negotiations regarding the transfer of ownership of creations subject to intellectual property rights and signing the contract of assignment;
  • Advice on severance creations likely to be the subject of intellectual property rights (copyright and industrial property);
  • Consultancy for unlawful work use of creations that are subject to an intellectual property right;
  • Legal representation and assistance before courts and courts of arbitration in Bucharest and neighboring counties responsible for resolving disputes covering disputing or infringement of intellectual property right.