Since the first day of it’s activity, our lawyer society aimed to provide to their customers, legal entities and public institutions in Bucharest, a real professional legal services, ensuring the best solution to any legal problem.

Adopting this policy resulted in the organization of our society and has defined our lawyers and also our lawyers individual specializations in various branches of commercial law, depending on the nature of legal issues for resolution. This way, each one of our customers will benefit from an informed opinion which is given by a lawyer with full knowledge of different branches of business law.

The process of continuous self-improvement of our lawyers is conducted under the strict supervision of the coordinator attorney, who is constantly seeking to be always updated with the changes that have appered in the trade law or the implementing norms.

In our lawyers society, the attorney-client relationship is based on trust and mutual respect, generated on one hand on the strong desire regarding fast and convenient customer satisfaction on their own economic interests and, on the other hand, the prompt and effective actions of our attorneys that solve this types of situations.

Ensuring the best solution to any legal problem

Throughout the course of an entrusted dossier to our lawyers for a resolution, our client will be regularly informed about it’s status, the progress achieved and the action that needs to be further taken. The client can discuss, at any time, with the lawyer to which the dossier was entrusted at our company headquarters in Bucharest, Str. No Aristide Pascal. 29-31, floor. 3, sector 3.

In order to improve our legal activities undertaken, and hence maximize results, we have developed excellent relationships with other law professionals in Bucharest and in the country, such as bailiffs, insolvency practitioners, notaries, legal experts, translators, etc.

The collaboration between our company and each of its customers lawyers are conducted solely on the basis of a concluded contract in the form and conditions stipulated by law, and they contain both general clauses and specific clauses, depending on the particularities of each legal case.