Why a legal subscription service?

The simplicity of the efficiency offered by this collaboration consists of a few basic principles that, if you will perceive them at their true value, will convince you that the ensurance of your company’s with permanent legal assistance is a fundamental element that will give your business protection , stability and durability.

To fully understand the benefits of a subscription for legal services provided by our company of lawyers, please note the following key issues:

  • SCPA Murar and Associates will work practically as your own company’s legal department, consisting of a large team of lawyers, which will provide permanent legal assistance to the client, uninterrupted throughout the year.
  • You will benefit at all hours of legal services to the highest professional standards offered by our law office in Bucharest, capable of solving any problem your company might face.
  • We will be constantly present where you need us at your company headquarters, your partners one or, if necessary, in court to defend your business interests.
  • You will not need to take care of the  necessary resources to ensure the functioning of a legal department (taxes on salaries, office space, computers, supplies, utilities, and so on.).
  • Costs allocated by your company for such collaboration will be substantially reduced compared to those expected from a point-based collaboration fees, schedules, and will be known from the outset, reported in a fair and predictable cost of legal services.

Fairness and transparency

To be sure of the efficiency, reliability and professionalism of our lawyers and the usefulness of a concluded legal subscription service with our law office, the first step of our cooperation will consist of a mutual evaluation for a period of approximately 2 months, time in which will be estimated the average volume of the legal services required monthly of your company, the particularity of these services and their complexity, depending on which  at the end of the evaluation period, we can establish together a monthly fee subscription and legal services provided by us lawyers, primarily to be included in it.

Throughout the trial period, your company will benefit fully from significantly reduced fees to those levied standard of legal services provided by our law office, whenever you need them. This will allow in your turn, to directly evaluate the quality of legal services and the professionalism of our lawyers.

Financial terms of the initial legal services subscription are kept. These ones are  subsequently revalued only if the volume or nature of your company’s legal needs vary to a significant degree, such to require change, plus or minus, the fee for the subscription.

Legal services offered

The subscription of the legal services for your company will be a transparent and efficient alternative to the traditional partnerships that were not up to the expectations and had not responded to the legal needs of society in terms of speed of communication, professionalism, timeliness or legal nature results, expected by the client.

In this collaboration, our company of  lawyers will provide complex legal services to a high professional standards, such as, by way of example, but not limited to:

  • Expert advice on various legal issues;
  • paperwork and legal documents for the customer;
  • Analyze, review, design and personalization by our law office of the commercial contracts in progress or pending completion for the client;
  • Making consultancy report and legal opinions for the customer;
  • Assisting the client in negotiations and mediations;
  • Fiduciary services in favour for the client;
  • Arbitration;
  • Representation and legal assistance to the customer by our society of lawyers in front of state institutions in Bucharest and neighboring counties;
  • Representation and legal assistance to the customer by our society of lawyers before courts in Bucharest and neighboring counties.

All these services will be provided for the benefit of your company under a subscription agreement which will define very clearly, from the outset, under our collaboration which will provide initiative, prevention and treatment of overall problems, faster access and effective legal powers that you need and long-term budgeting for legal assistance necessary for your company.