Our lawyers company in Bucharest can represent and assist legally, both individual and legal persons in any commercial or civil disputes, such as, by way of example, but not limited to:

  • Commercial Litigation

Legal representation and assistance to individuals or legal entities from Bucharest and neighboring counties in any litigation  having one or more of the parties a legal person, disputes arising from the execution of acts by trade by a legal person(s) .

  • Labor disputes

Representation and legal assistance to the highest professional standards regarding  the defense by our lawyers society in the interests of employers and employees, in the matter of contentious proceedings arised from labor disputes.

  • Real Estate Litigation

Representation and legal assistance in disputes relating to the acquisition and / or exercise of the right of ownership or use of buildings located both in Bucharest and in the rest of the country (advice and assistance in mediation, negotiation of agreements on amicable settlement of disputes, drafting registration and support in front  of the courts of all applications  having the final settlement of the dispute in favor of the  client property).

  • Appeals execution

Legal representation and assistance, for both the party’s; the dispute one, as well  the intimate one, in the court files covering objection to enforcement complaint against acts of enforcement prepared and implemented by bailiffs (civil claims) or fiscal executors (budgetary claims) .

Representation and legal assistance to the highest professional standards regarding the defense

  • First registration car tax recovery / environmental stamp

In order to recover tax on the first car registration / stamp environment, including interest tax on that sum, calculated from the moment of paying and until restitution effective, our society of lawyers provides advice, assistance and legal representation, both in financial administration before the bodies of Bucharest (in the preliminary procedure for claiming refund first registration fee), and before the competent courts for the case and the background of Appeal.

Thus, our society will be able to assist you in all procedures contentious litigation springing from the trade relations that your company carries out with third parties. With a team of lawyers whose legal knowledge was complemented by a varied legal practice, our law office currently has the necessary experience to represent clients interests in any litigious situation by making legal services such as:

  • Useful drafting all necessary documents and settlement of disputes by the courts (request for summons, greeting, counterclaim, intervention requests, etc.);
  • Formulation of ordinary and extraordinary legal remedies (appeal, appeal for annulment, review, etc.);
  • Assistance and legal representation before ordinary courts of arbitration and in all stages.